Brazos Art Classes

I started teaching a weekly Monday class for 6-8 years olds last week.  Registration is still open until next week!

The first class I wanted to get to know the students while I could see how they were able to follow direction and their ability to “See”.   Instead of just having them copy different shapes like a test, after a brief showing of examples, I had them create their own Hand Henna design with paisley, scroll like vines, a something sort of like a monochromatic rainbow.  We discussed repetition in design and symbols/symbolic shapes.  I let them decide on other shapes to fill the space after a large flower motif in the centre of the hand.  Lastly we traced our own hands in the wrist, drew a circle in that hand and in the circle we each wrote down a word that means something to ourselves and discussed that.  I wrote “Communication”.  We had a free for all in filling in that hand and realized how much quicker it was to fill a small space verses a larger scale.  Their cute hands look so tiny on the wrist compared to the giant hands, don’t they?  Below are some of my student’s work from the first class.

Class1_Henna Class1_henna2

During the class, I also asked them to name any artists they have heard of and we listed of the artist style of the artist.  I was blown away by their ability and passion for art.  During this class, I hope to teach them more about seeing with exercises that will teach them light and dark values, color theory, and depth using perspective and shading.  We will also have crafty projects to mix things up.  Craft is a great way to learn hand eye coordination.   We will also discover and learn about a few artists and movements like Seurat and pointillism.  Mostly I want my students to have a great fun and relaxing experience creating after a long Monday at school and keep them excited about art.

Classes have been extended by 2 weeks, so if your child still wants to join our after school class they will still get 12 weeks of classes.  Registration can be done in-person of over the phone! Call (979) 696-2787 during our hours of operation to complete your registration over the phone. Please email our Programs Manager, Molly Wallace, at with questions! Here is the website


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