SUPERSAMPLE – A group show in the Netherlands

I was in a group exhibition this weekend at the Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum, Netherlands.  “Super Sample” or otherwise called the “Retro Game Experience”.  September 12-14th to be exact.  The Beeld en Guluid (Sound and Vision) is a museum in the Netherlands Institute.  Oliver Knagge was one of the main organizers.  He came across my work exactly a year ago in Berlin for the “We Love 8 Bit” group show at the beautiful Old Karl Marx Buchhandlug (Library) by the Von Pirpenstein Project.  Oliver’s passion of vintage gaming has led him to put together this amazing show of some of his favorite 8 bit art and create an old time arcade plus much more.  Visit the website by clicking this link to see more photos and to brush up on your Dutch.  Below is the image of the poster and one of my pieces in the show.  Also, this show will be touring across Europe in 2015 to many major cities.  I am very curious as to who won the Pac Man competition!

SUPERSAMPLE-Posterartwork Atari800

I love old games.  I remember feeling overwhelmed with games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter came out.  The combinations to memorize and strategize ruined the brain numbing fun that one button and a joy stick provided.  Many of those early games were almost pointless or one had lost the directions and didn’t know if there was an ending to it.  The lack of competition and or a finish line in a way made them screens for meditation.  Those 3 sickly colored games on my IBM like Prince of Persia, Family Feud, or Where in the World is Carmen San Diego will always be in my heart.  You will see a few more paintings along this theme during my residency as it is one that I like to go back to when I come across a new and exciting subject.  Many artists like me feel like they are preserving a piece of history.  When I paint objects along a specific genre I also feel like I am cataloguing it once the painting is complete.  Very much like an entomologist (insect collector) or a librarian with a new book.  I will be working a few themes during my residency.  I hope you enjoy them!


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