Before and After

  I finished another painting last night. Although I prefer working from a setup, this was an exception to that rule. I started this painting during my 2nd (of 3) semesters in Senior painting studio. It never went anywhere because my concept and painting style began to change and I was lost on this one. So it has been hiding since. I pulled it out this past summer and found that I really liked it and wanted to work on it again. What better chance than now? 




(Note – my camera may have scewed the color a bit). So I pretty much went to town. I like how it’s not as bright as before, but still working well with the light. This painting definitely has a dark and eerie feel to it. 

I also finally got my easel yesterday, so my studio is officially set up ! I can’t wait to start a new painting.

Studio !

That being said, a lot of people don’t realize that I actually paint from a still life setup. Here is a photo of my next idea. Obviously this is just a guideline for what the painting will become. 


Happy Sunday everyone!



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