Another one in the works


Been working to get this new panel built (with the help of Mike’s carpentry skills) and prepped . I’m looking forward to experimenting more with a new sanding technique I mentioned in a previous post. The goal is to emulate the gestural marks made when wet sanding layers of paint off a painting. Also, in the photo you can see my “easel”. It is simply drywall screws set at varying heights and I taped up some plastic up to the wall to keep the wall clean. The setup is cheap and takes up minimal space. Unlike a traditional easel, I can see how it will look hanging on the wall and the wobble that easels can sometimes have is avoided.

More pictures to come when it is complete.

In other news, the Open Studio is this Saturday at 5:30-8pm catering courtesy of The Filling Station!

See you Saturday!

Owen Drysdale


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